The mission of the Fountain Lake Association is to make Fountain Lake a healthy environment for living and recreation.

Fountain Lake  is located in SE Wright County, on the city borders of Delano and Montrose in the state of Minnesota. Fountain Lake was so named on account of there being many different springs in its immediate vicinity.

Fountain Lake is a 282-acre lake located in south-east Wright County, within the North Fork Crow River Basin watershed. Fountain Lake is approximately one mile south east of Montrose, MN. There is one public access located on the north shore of the lake. The lake has a maximum depth of ten feet. The immediate watershed that Fountain Lake lies within has a total area of 1,510 acres.

Contrary to popular belief Fountain Lake IS NOT haunted. There have been NO active sightings of any Native American women or children around the lake for over 100 years now. The only loud ruckus that can be found after midnight around the lake would possibly come from either large flocks of migrating Canada geese during the peak of the fall waterfowl migration in late October or at midnight on New Year's Eve coming from the Robinson residence on the south end of "the Peninsula".

A View From Above

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