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In the summer of 2016, after careful consideration, the Fountain lake association Board unanimously chose to hire the services of water biologist Steve McComas of Blue Water Science to assist in maintaining and increasing the overall water quality of the lake.

In the summer of 2016 Steve conducted an onsite inspection and assessment of the overall lake. Steve had also been hired in 2013 to do a similar study on the lake. After that assessment was completed Steve put together a plan of action to increase the overall water clarity of the lake which results in several significant lake health benefits. Those benefits include: clearer water, better native species plant growth, which in turn increases overall wildlife on the lake and also a significant reduction in a late summer toxic algae bloom, which the lake has suffered from in years past.

To achieve these results we have implemented a 3 stage process which is a 3 - 5 year management plan. To cover the expenses of this plan, as an association we are now hosting an annual Fountain Lake Fundraiser in August each year and have already been successful in working with Wright County to attain a 50 / 50 split using grant money allocated for these types of projects. Below is a description of the 3 stage process:

Stage 1 of the Fountain Lake Management Program:

Early Summer 2017- Curly Leaf Pondweed Delineation

Late Summer 2017- Native Plant Delineation along with other exotics (milfoil, etc): The results are back in from the curly leaf pondweed delineation. Since Curly leaf pondweed is not a positive plant species to have in the lake it was very encouraging to see we have minimal growth in Fountain lake at the peak time of year for this plant to bloom (mid June). In late July of 2017 Steve will be back out to conduct a more thorough evaluation of the native plant species that are in the lake at the peak bloom time for those plants as well as to check for additional exotic species of vegetation that are unwanted.

Fountain Lake Minnesota
Fountain Lake MN
Fountain Lake
Stage 2 of the Fountain Lake Management Program:
Summer 2018- Fish Survey and Sediment Survey to be conducted-

Once we have the results back from the vegetation survey in 2017, and any specific treatment programs that are needed can be put into place, the next step is the fish and sediment survey to determine what are the major causes of the "murky water" in the lake.
Stage 3 of the Fountain Lake Management Program:
2019 and beyond:
After all of the surveys have been completed Steve McComas will be able to put together a detailed lake assessment for the MN DNR and Wright County showcasing the specific problem areas discovered. from there we can devise a plan to improve and maintain the overall quality of the lake for years to come.
At first glance the main culprit seems to be the rough fish in the lake continually stirring up the bottom sediment and thus causing the dirty water which inhibits the ability of the "Good plants" in the lake to pull out the sediments providing clean, clear water.
Due to the summer fish kill after the 2013 winter, it seems as though even the carp population was decimated, opening the door for the bullhead population to flourish. Due to the stunted growth of 6 - 8 inches of the majority of the current bullhead population, we feel at this time, that they fish (bullheads) may be the main problem area we will have to contend with, as well as the agricultural field run off which is also being addressed by Wright County officials.
We will have a much better assessment after the fish and sediment surveys to be conducted in 2018. Additional programs that may be implemented down the road after discussing in detail with the lake association Board and Members are:

- Additional good native species plant introduction such as Water Celery and various other native plants that will attract more wildlife.
- Buffer zones installed at agricultural field run off sites (specifically near the north west end of the lake and the south west end of the lake)
- A fish barrier installed at the north east end of the lake where the Crow River has potential to flow into the lake in the spring.
- Possible reintroduction of game fish into the lake.
- A lake aeration program funded by the association and possible the county and state.
- A lake weed harvesting program, if needed, to enjoy late summer boating on the lake.

These are just a few ideas that are on the table for years down the road once we have re-established a clean healthy lake. Again these projects are not cheap but will be very effective for maintaining a healthy lake for families and wildlife to enjoy. We greatly value each Fountain Lake Association Member's input and opinions. To become a member please click here for more information...
Prairie Grass Buffer Zone Project at the Fountain Lake Public Access
Prairie Grass buffer zone project at the Fountain Lake Public Access
Prairie Grass buffer zone project at the Fountain Lake Public Access
Prairie Grass buffer zone project at the Fountain Lake Public Access
Prairie Grass buffer zone project at the Fountain Lake Public Access

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