Lake Association Board

Dan Wennerlind
Fountain Lake Association President

Dan and his wife Sara moved out to Delano in the summer of 2015. They live on The Peninsula. Dan has a degree in Wildlife Management and enjoys serving on the Fountain lake Association and helping to improve the quality of the lake and area.

Harry DeBeer
Fountain Lake Association V.P.

Our family has lived on Fountain Lake since 1997.  It’s been a great resource for us.  We’ve enjoyed watching the birds and great sunrises in the morning. We are thrilled to have an active lake community and look forward to another 20 years on the lake!

Ross Robinson
Fountain Lake Association Secretary

Matt Jorgenson
Fountain Lake Association Treasure

Mark Reitan
F. L. A. Member At Large

Mark is married with two children. he has been a resident of Fountain Lake since 2005, living on the peninsula.  His family has been active with the FLA since 2008.  Mark was the previous Fountain Lake Association President.

Mike Bjorke
F. L. A. Member At Large

Mike Bjorke along with his wife Terry have enjoyed being residents of Fountain Lake for the last 25 years. Mike and Terry have four children and seven grandchildren. They now enjoy the retired life on the lake. Mike has been our primary lake water sampler for the last 9 years.

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