Lake Association Members

We encourage all area residents including residents of Delano and Montrose, to become members of the Fountain Lake Association. As an association, we are diligently working on not only maintaining the lake quality but are also active in being proactive and assisting in specific matters and issues that may arise from time to time around the lake and in the area.

We will continue to monitor the quality of the lake water on a regular basis in conjunction with the county and are active in increasing the water quality of the lake through selected management plans in with respect to Wright County and the Minnesota DNR regulations.

As a Fountain Lake Association Member you will not only be contributing your annual membership dues towards these efforts but will also have an opportunity to vote on any significant topics that the association board feels are important, as well as voting on the board member positions that turn over every 2 years, at the Annual General Meeting held each spring.

TO BECOME A MEMBER- Simply print off the pdf application form and submit that with a payment of $50.00. Click here to download the application form.

2017 Current Fountain Lake Association Members

Behrahl Marylin 
Bjorke Mike and Terry
Cebulla James and Eldora
DeBeers Harry and Deb
Ewing Bob and Amy
Linbom Mike and Tamara
Olwin Roger and Shari
Pany Mark and Patti
Reitan Mark and Gale
Robinson Ross and Heidi
Tordeur Scott and Shallyn
Wennerlind, Dan and Sara
Whelen Rita and Herrboldt Harry

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